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Yuma, Arizona is located in the southwest corner of Arizona. It’s the last city in Arizona you’ll see before reaching the California border on your way to San Diego. Yuma though small, has a constant increase in population size every year. It is a very popular destination for the winter visitors in Arizona. Unfortunately, an increase in population leads to the increase of car accidents in Yuma. The good, also comes with some bad.

However, did you know that almost all causes of car accidents can be prevented?

From driving distracted and driving drunk, car accidents would continue to decrease if drivers simply remained alert while behind the wheel.

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If you’ve been a victim in a car accident in Yuma, Arizona, get in touch with Zachar Law Firm. With over 20 years of experience, Zachar Law Firm can help protect the rights that you have after an accident.

What should you do/shouldn’t you do after a Yuma car accident? When is the right time to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer?

Below are just a few tips you should take following any type of personal injury

  • If a car accident, call the police and get a report done.
  • Get medical attention if you need it.
  • Begin to record your own evidence.
  • Regardless if it’s a slip and fall, car accident or other, take photographs of the scene. Things change. Witnesses sometimes don’t remember everything. Photos will help.
  • Get in touch with an experienced personal injury law firm. Having the right law firm will make all the difference in your personal injury case.
  • Don’t talk to insurance companies. You may be asked to leave a recorded statement. Don’t do it. Speak with a lawyer first. This is extremely important.

There are many questions that will be running through your mind after an accident, which is why it’s crucial to make sure you get in touch with an experienced personal injury law firm to answer all of those questions.

Don’t guess. Get answers. Protect your rights.

Zachar Law Firm has over two decades of personal injury and wrongful death law experience in Arizona. Christopher Zachar is a Certified Specialist. Only 1% of all personal injury lawyers in the state of Arizona have this distinction. Remember, experience is everything.

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