Meet The Zachar Law Firm Staff

Zachar Law Firm, P.C. has some of the most experienced personal injury paralegals and staff to help guide you through your claim. You are not alone, Zachar Law Firm will be with you every step of the way.

Scroll through our directory and click on the name of a staff member to view their biography.

Aaron Elias – Medical Records
Celeste Rocha – Legal Assistant
Charlie Laguna – Accounting
Cheyenne Lankford – Medical Records
Claudia Robles – Accounting
Crystal Buxton – Litigation Paralegal
Cynthia Quintanilla – Legal Assistant
Deborah Nolan – Pre-litigation Paralegal
Dolly Burnett – Litigation Paralegal
Dustin Stokes – Litigation Paralegal
Evangeline Lee – Legal Assistant
Grase Lopez – Reception
Heidi Petersen – Paralegal
Ilse Trejo – Legal Assistant
Isis Chase – Accounting
Jacqueline Acuna – Accounting
Jamil Guerrero – Intake
Jaymie Deloso – Accounting
Jena Smanz – Litigation Paralegal
Jennifer Harmon – Pre-litigation Paralegal
Jennifer Reilly – Litigation Paralegal
Jennifer Mazzie – Legal Assistant
Jessica James – Accounting
Justine Dudash – Pre-litigation Paralegal
Kari Walker – Medical Records
Kevin McDonald – Litigation Paralegal
Kristen Hall – Medical Records
LarkAnn Stewart – Litigation Paralegal
Linda Fossessca – Litigation Paralegal
Marbeline Gil – Pre-litigation Paralegal
Marcella Silva – Medical Records
Mayra Moreno – Pre-litigation Paralegal
Monique Fernandez – Reception
Natasha Belinte – Medical Records
Ryan Hoffman – Accounting
Stephanie Ortega – Intake
Tia Windsor – Litigation Paralegal

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