When should I call a personal injury attorney in Phoenix?

When is the right time to get in touch with an injury attorney in Arizona?

This is never a situation you want to be in. If you have to answer this question, it means that something bad has occurred. You or someone you know has been injured, and there are issues arising in your life that you typically do not have to spend much time thinking about: (1) What happens if the person who caused the accident did not have liability insurance? (2) Who is going to pay for the medical bills that are piling up? (3) Should I contact my insurance company? (4) Do I speak with the insurance company representing the person who ran into me?

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These are only some of the questions that will arise that most people do not know the answer to. Why would you? If you are not a lawyer or you have never been involved in a car accident, you would have no reason to know this information. How will bills be paid if the at fault party does not have adequate (or any) insurance? People oftentimes make the mistake of thinking that the other side’s insurance company will help in these matters. Don’t count on it.

The truth is that the insurance company’s personnel are not there to help you. In fact, just the opposite. However, getting your questions answered is extremely important. If handled improperly, it could lead to serious problems on your case. When should you seek counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney? The best answer is, as soon as possible. The next best answer is, as soon as you sense that things are out of control or heading in that direction.

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In addition to being able to answer all of your questions about claims and insurance, an experienced personal injury lawyer will also start building your case, including visiting the scene, obtaining pictures of the vehicles involved, hiring competent experts if needed and interviewing witnesses. If this information is not obtained quickly, it is often lost. Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer soon is also important because it allows you to concentrate on getting healthy. So many of our clients tell us that their health improves after they hire us because they are now focused only on their physical health, and not legal issues.

After an accident, people should not be stressed with the worry about how to deal with insurance companies. That is what experienced injury attorneys are for. We take this worry from you, to allow you to focus on yourself, your family, your job and your health.

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