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An accident can occur at any time, often causing physical and emotional damage, or, the death of a loved one. While the majority of accidents that occur involve cars, trucks, and motorcycles; accidents involving large commercial vehicles do occur. Accidents involving commercial vehicles are especially complex because, in addition to bringing the claim against the responsible driver, you now also have the right to bring a claim against the employer (a company or corporation). Now, the big guns come out!

Wrongful death lawyers in Arizona: Essential when bringing a Wrongful death claim against a corporate entity

Companies have greater resources than individuals in the form of insurance companies and in-house lawyers. At the same time, the greater financial resources of a large company also allow for better compensation, and a higher settlement or verdict. When accidents involving commercial vehicles result in a Wrongfulful death, it is important that the loved ones of the victim consult an experienced Wrongful death lawyer in Arizona immediately! Soon after the incident, the corporate lawyers will be gathering to attempt to quell the matter in any manner possible. You need to fight fire with fire! Wrongfulful death lawyers in Arizona who specialize in commercial vehicle deaths will be in the best position to handle a case against a big company, to assure you the best opportunity for a successful claim.

A commercial vehicle is a vehicle owned and operated by a company or corporation. These companies have a legal responsibility for the health and safety of all others on the public roadways. Examples of commercial vehicles include the following:

– Large trucks/18 wheelers
– Commercial Boats (Cruise Liners, Ferries)
– Planes (Airlines, Charter, etc.)
– Helicopters
– Trains
– Commercial Buses

Boat Accidents

According to the US Coast Guard, boating accidents are on the rise. Accidents involving commercial boats occur at ports of call or during on-shore excursions. They can also occur from a fall, swimming accident, and a collision at sea or in port. The primary contributing factors in commercial boating accidents include careless/reckless operation, operator inattention and operator inexperience.

Helicopter Accidents

According to the International Helicopter Safety Symposium, the helicopter accident rate is nearly eight times the accident rate for commercial airlines. Helicopter accidents occur for many reasons, including pilot error, fatigue, lack of flight crew training, mechanical or electrical malfunction, flying in bad weather conditions or failure to follow proper procedures.

Plane Accidents

An airplane crash is especially horrific, as they have one of the highest fatality rates. As charter planes become more popular, the risk of plane crashes increase. However, with limited insurance, charter plane operations may not be covered to pay damages incurred in an airplane crash, such as loss of life. Plane crashes can be attributed to mechanical failure, defective parts, design flaws, pilot error, weather influence, air traffic controller error, bird strike, onboard fire and lack of fuel.

Train Accidents

Injuries occurring to car passengers, pedestrians, or train passengers can be catastrophic due to the size and sheer force of trains. Many accidents are caused by dangerous railroad crossings or inadequate warning systems, especially in rural areas. As well as the impact of the crash, there are also dangers from the contents of the train cars that often carry dangerous chemicals.

Bus Accidents

Bus accidents can result in serious injury or Wrongfulful death for victims. Many bus accidents occur on private mass transit buses, school buses, Greyhound buses, or tour buses. Identifying the cause of bus accidents can be particularly difficult. An accident may be the result of failed equipment, a fatigued driver or an improperly licensed driver.

Litigation involving commercial vehicle accidents can be complex, especially where accidents result in Wrongfulful death. Wrongfulful death lawyers in Arizona that are experienced can effectively pursue your claim to ensure you recover the financial compensation you deserve.

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