Arizona Wrongful Death Lawyers: Experience Counts in Helicopter Cases

There are few accidents more disturbing or more devastating than a helicopter crash. In July 2007, 2 news choppers crashed into each other in Phoenix over a major intersection and public park. All four on board were killed. In June 2008, 2 medical helicopters on approach to a hospital crashed into each other in Flagstaff. All seven on board were killed. Helicopter crash cases present very special and technical challenges. It is imperative to hire one of the qualified Arizona wrongful death lawyers with extensive experience handling helicopter accidents.

Helicopters are considerably more dangerous than conventional airplanes. Although the average number of deaths that occur each year from helicopter accidents is about the same as the number of deaths from airplane accidents, remember, there are millions of more airplane passenger miles flown. This means that the incidence of deaths related to helicopter crashes are much higher, and thus, the risks of such are deemed much more.

ARE YOU READY TO GET STARTED ON YOUR CASE-Experienced Arizona wrongful death lawyers will be on the lookout for all causes of the crash. Pilot error? A technical or design flaw in the helicopter? Improper maintenance? Control tower error? As in all air crashes, scene and the machines involved will be investigated by a federal agency called the National Transportation Safety Board (“NTSB”).

The NTSB has an important job to do, and manufacturers often rely on their reports to make necessary improvements to their aircraft to avoid future accidents. Unfortunately for victims and their families, the NTSB investigation can take months or even years to conclude.

Often, during the period of investigation, no outside experts are allowed to examine the wreckage. However, experienced Arizona wrongful death lawyers know how to get around this problem, to assist you in getting to the truth about the crash.

Experience in this area is crucial. Unlike a car accident, the way a helicopter works is beyond the experience of the average person. Experienced Arizona wrongful death lawyers who have dealt with helicopter crashes before have a good idea of what questions to ask and what to listen for. They can bring skilled helicopter experts to investigate and determine how and why a crash occurred. These can be vital when it comes to getting the issue of a monetary recovery for the loss of your loved one.

It’s true, as in every field, that there is no substitute for experience. If you or someone you love has been killed or injured in a helicopter crash, contact one of the experienced Arizona wrongful death lawyers at Zachar Law Firm. Please call for a no-obligation consultation at (602) 494-4800 or visit

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