Why do insurance companies limit car accident payouts? – Arizona Personal Injury FAQ

Why do insurance companies limit car accident payouts?

Personal Injury attorneys have jobs because insurance companies–although they are in the business of resolving claims, donít typically see that as their first and foremost priority.


Insurance companies want to deny claims if they can. If they can’t deny a claim, want to limit the payout as long as they can or limit the amount paid—as much as possible. Make no mistake, it comes down to one thing—money. They want to hold on to their money for as long as they can and donít want to pay it to you.

Letís be clear on this: If insurance companies did what insurance companies are supposed to do, that is, treat you fair, place you ìin good handsî, treat you ìlike a good neighbor,  etc, then letís face it ñ a lot of people who do what I do would be out of work, and weíd have to look for something else to do.

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