Our Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlements


It is a well-known fact that most cases settle. But, settle for what? Is the settlement the actual value your case is worth because you have hired the right attorney, who has put in the hours needed to prove your case and get you the personal injury settlement you deserve?

Or, is it a “take the best you can get” because you hired an attorney who talked a good game, but then did nothing, and as such, has to settle for the insurance company’s number?

Please understand this: Insurance companies know which Plaintiff’s lawyers are willing to litigate cases; they know which attorneys will try cases and how well they do it.

To get the best result for your case, you need an attorney with an attorney who is willing to work and fight for you—with a proven record of trying cases – with excellent case results.

That’s Zachar Law Firm.

My name is Chris Zachar. In my 24+ year career, I’ve litigated approximately 60 jury cases in both federal and state court, with many settlements and judgments.

Here are a few examples of my personal injury case results & settlements

-$47 million I-10 roadway barrier jury verdict;

-$7.8 million I-10 road barrier jury verdict;

-$4.5 million playground negligence settlement;

-$2.6 million brain injury settlement;

-$1.2 million medical negligence settlement;

-$1.15 million serious injury settlement;

-$1 million serious trucking injury settlement;

-$825,000 wrongful death settlement;

– $800,000 wrongful death settlement

-$350,000 serious injury jury verdict;

 -Multiple other settlements more than $1,000,000 (confidential matters)

The legal process is complicated, and you need an attorney who is experienced and will work the case. The big advertising law firms who promise you a quick, easy settlement will get you just that–even though your case may be worth much more.


Picking an attorney can be challenging. Look for a trial lawyer with both experience and success. If you needed medical attention, you would seek out the best doctor you could find. You need to do the same with an attorney. I have the experience, and as you can see, I’ve achieved significant results for my clients.

At Zachar Law Firm, we work on a percentage basis. Free consultations and nothing owed until we win.  We don’t charge a cost retainer like other attorneys do. What this means to you is that you won’t pay any legal costs or fees until we have recovered compensation for you.

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