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“I wanted to pay tribute and say thank you to the law office of Christopher Zachar. Mr. Zachar took over for the lawyers I fired. I was rear ended in an automobile accident in June 2011 and hired lawyers heavily advertised on TV. I made the huge mistake of assuming because they had a commercial on every 5 minutes and had a catchy jingle they would be the pitbulls they claim to be on TV and have my back. WRONG! After 9 months of empty promises and leading me along I decided to do research on them and found they were not who they represented themselves to be. One of the lawyers in their fancy commercial isn’t even licensed to practice in AZ and the man, the “lawyer” they were telling me to speak with every time I called wasn’t a lawyer at all. He went to law school, yes, but not licensed to practice law. They continuously left me hanging.

So I did some research (should have done it to begin with I am kicking myself) and found that the State of AZ has a list of specialists in personal injury and accidental death and these other smoke and mirrors lawyers were not on it. Christopher Zachar was. I picked up the phone and called him. He took over without hesitation and went to work immediately! He really knows his stuff! He always maintained contact. I spoke more with him in the first week I hired him than I talked to those other TV vultures in 9 months! He knew all the things to ask for and dealt with the TV clowns, the insurance companies and all my medical providers. If I had only found him first instead of believing the stupid TV commercial lawyer bologna I would have not lost my home. He got me a settlement three times what the lazy shysters tried to make me go for and that made all the difference for me. Someone to believe me and believe in me is as a consumer that was zero percent at fault, is already hurt, depressed and feeling overwhelmed by all this legal stuff was golden I can’t tell you how appreciative I am he is the expert that he is! Thank you so very much for being the expert you are you and your whole team put my faith back in lawyers!”
– Debra, AZ

“I want to let you know how much I appreciated your help with my accident injury case. This was my first experience dealing with insurance companies and lawyers and I have to tell you that I was shocked at how long these things can drag out and how confusing they can be, especially with my kind of injury. You were always patient and understanding and you explained everything so thoroughly. Dealing with you was the easiest part of this whole situation. You always returned my phone calls, you brought my case to a close quickly and you were always honest with me. I appreciate your integrity—a quality we rarely see today in any profession. Thank you for your help.”
– D.W., AZ

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for taking my case. After being turned away from several firms, I had lost hope. The day I walked into your office I knew I had found a winning team. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me on that day. You worked my case with an exemplary level of professionalism, compassion, commitment and efficiency. I will never forget you.”
– Joanne D., AZ

“I have known Chris for six or seven years. He is bright and solidly aggressive and grasps problems quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend him in cases involving personal injury and tort litigation. The best compliment I can give is to refer clients to him, which I have.”
– Howard P., Scottsdale, AZ

“Two teenage girls attacked me at work during an attempted armed robbery. One of them beat me in the head several times with a steel pipe and then stabbed me four times. All I had was worker’s compensation, so I decided to see a lawyer. Before I called Chris, I talked with eight or nine lawyers who refused to take my case. Chris took my case. We got $165,000 from one insurance company and we’re still going after the other girl’s parents. Chris pursued my case when no one else would. I would certainly refer injured victims to Chris.”
– Colleen M., Flagstaff, AZ

“Chris provided my husband Tommy with aggressive representation. Chris was reliable and did what he said he would do. Plus he returned our phone calls. I would be happy to refer friends to Chris.”
– Christy J., Buckeye, AZ

“Chris was very professional and very thorough. Overall, he did an excellent job for me. Chris was always available to answer questions, and if he wasn’t available when I called, he always returned my call right away. I have referred other clients to Chris.”
– Deanna P., Scottsdale, AZ

“Chris Zachar provides a fantastic service. My case is against Wausau Insurance Company. Wausau is a big outfit. They have never heard of Zachar Law Firm. They think they can make Chris go away, hoping he will just dry up and blow away. I’ve been in court with Chris. I’ve listened to him. His experience shows. He’s doing a fantastic job. And every day they don’t settle the case, I get $250 in my pocket because I get interest on the unpaid balance. Thank God I’ve got Chris for my attorney. He’s the greatest. This is all the truth. Chris is a wonderful man and a family man, too. I hope these comments help him attract more clients because he deserves my help.”
– Robert P., Scottsdale, AZ

“I would like to be able to add my testimony to your list, since you guys did such a wonderful job for my case in 2008 when it was settled. I didn’t expect the amount that I received because all of the other lawyers I saw told me to take what I can get. You did more than I expected and I prayed that you would succeed in my case and you did.†Thanks again.”
-†Tanya N., Phoenix, AZ

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