car accident lawyers’ fees: Do car accident fees differ from normal personal injury fees?

Are there any differences in car accident lawyer fees and other types of injury cases?:

Personal Injury (PI) Attorneys take cases on a contingency fee basis, which means they don’t get paid until, and unless, they procure you a settlement, judgment or recovery. The percentage of the attorney fee can vary depending on the attorney, the type or personal injury case, and the stage at which the case resolves.

Most PI Attorneys charge a standard fee of one-third (33.33%). This typically covers motor vehicle collisions, but can include all other kinds of PI cases as well.

Some attorneys charge their standard fee percentage for cases resolved without litigation, but then charge a higher fee if the case needs to be litigated. Some attorneys only charge a higher fee if the first hearing is appealed and/or the matter goes to trial.


Some injury attorneys offer a discount fee, charging as little as 25% to 30% for standard PI cases, but increase those fees to 40% or more if litigated. Moreover, if litigation becomes necessary, such attorneys often farm out their cases to outside litigation attorneys.

Still, if the case resolves without litigation, many attorneys will consider reducing their fee so as not to exceed their client’s net in-pocket recover after payment of fees, costs, and medical bills.

The bottom line is There are no difference in car accident lawyer fees compared to any other personal injury case in Phoenix, Arizona. Get the facts, stop guessing. The best thing you can do is get in touch with a phoenix personal injury law firm and simply ask. It won’t, and it’s free.

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