Some Lawyers Advertise Fees At A Discount Price. Is That Possible?

Phoenix personal injury law firms offer discount fees?:

Ever hear the expression You get what you pay for?

How about Expect Nothing and You’ll Never be Disappointed?

The truth is, discount fees advertised by the big advertisers are just a gimmick. It is a hook to get you in the door. Once there, all bets are off.

Ok, sure, you may pay a few percentage points less, but are you really coming out ahead? If a hardworking, experienced trial-ready lawyer settles your case for $10,000 and take 1/3, you get $6,666.67. The discount fee lawyer, more anxious to settle and not inclined to litigate your case because he already has too many, will settle for $7,500 and take his 25% (net to you: $5,635). Which would you prefer?

Many injury law firms claim to have experience settling personal injury cases including cases like your accident ? but not all cases settle or should settle. If the insurance company makes a lowball offer, do you really want to settle? If you have a lawyer on a discount fee, I can fairly well assure you that he does. irst, he has too many cases so he must settle (rather than litigate) most of them. Second, he really does not want to spend the time and money needed to litigate a case that he is handling for a discount fee?. Lawsuits are hard work, and discount fees provide a lawyer no incentive to do anything more than necessary.

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You want to choose an injury law firm that is willing to litigate and take your case to trial if necessary.† You want a lawyer with experience in the courtroom. This will make all the difference if you have to go to court, and will actually make a difference in your settlement negotiations as well. If the other side knows your lawyer is a litigator and will be prepared to go to trial, they are likely to make a better offer. Insurance companies don’t really want to go to trial, but if they know that your lawyer also doesn’t do so, they will have the advantage.

Discount fees are a nice gimmick, but for your serious personal injury case, you want and need an experienced trial lawyer. Ask about courtroom experience. Ask if your attorney is a Certified Specialist in personal injury. If so, you’ll know you have the right lawyer for your case, and his fee will be worth every nickel eventually received on your behalf.

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