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Christopher J. Zachar offers compassionate representation to injured children and their parents. Chris finds these cases unique, and find that claims involving children require special care.

Think about it: Is there anything harder to deal with than an injury to your child? Perhaps there are no matters worse than having an injured son or daughter–whom you want so much to protect, and for whom you feel so helpless for when they are injured. We recognize this. We are here to help.

Children suffer injuries from a variety of sources, such as a caregiverís lack of supervision or an accident. Our firm provides parents and their injured children solid and professional representation and attention as we pursue a fair remedy and/or fair compensation for your child. We help families obtain what is needed if their children are injured:


We also assist parents with wrongful death claims if their child had a fatal accident. If you have lost a child by way of an accident, contact our child injury attorney, Christopher J. Zachar. We offer free case evaluations. No fees or costs owed until we recover for you.

Child Injury Representation in Phoenix

We understand your concerns (and fears) if your child has been seriously injured and needs medical care. Our child injury lawyer is able to help you receive fair compensation, to help your child recover. Your child may be entitled to receive payment for current and future medical bills, lifetime care planning and accommodations and counseling. Children often require professional care from a psychiatrist or psychologist after a traumatic event such as a dog bite or near-drowning accident.

Christopher J. Zachar provides comprehensive personal injury representation in every child injury. Our focus on your legal matter allows you to focus on your childís rehabilitation. We have significant litigation experience and we prepare each claim for trial–in case it becomes necessary.

Although many cases settle for reasonable amounts out of court, our preparedness instills confidence and peace of mind in our clients. Contact our Phoenix child injury lawyer to learn how our experience and compassion can help in your personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Care and Sensitivity in Wrongful Death Claims

We assist families whose children have died in swimming pool accidents or other fatal accidents. A fatal accident involving a child always has a profound impact on families. While compensation cannot replace your child, it can help your family move forward and give you a sense of justice. We understand the nature of your tragedy and offer sensitive, caring representation in wrongful death claims.

Medical Negligence Resulting in Child Injury

Arizona Birth Injury Lawyer

Christopher J. Zachar also represents the parents of children injured by medical malpractice or negligence. Our clients include parents whose newborn children suffered trauma, head injury, brain damage or a birth injury defect. Negligence during the labor and delivery process can result in brain injury, such as cerebral palsy. Birth injury can also include a brachial plexus nerve injury that can result in Erbís palsy.

Our firm pursues compensation on behalf of injured children for physician and hospital errors. Your childís late diagnosis of bacterial meningitis, for example, can result in serious brain damage, paralysis and even death. If your doctor, surgeon, nurse, hospital or other health care provider failed to meet the high standard of care in treating your child, they can be held responsible. Contact Arizona Birth Injury Lawyer, Christopher J. Zachar to learn more about how we can help you. ñ Contact Us Now

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