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Are recreational waivers always valid?

Many people injured while participating in recreational sports leagues or other organized activities assume that the waiver they signed precludes them from filing for damages in the event of an injury. Even with a waiver, the recreational leagues still have a legal requirement to assure that every reasonable precaution is taken to prevent an injury to participants.

If you hurt your knee in a recreation accident while sliding into a base during a softball game, the waiver you signed probably protects the league. If the base was not properly secured, which caused you to suffer a major knee injury, however, you may have a legitimate claim to receive compensation.

Generally, waivers protect the league or facility from accidents that occur during the normal course of the activity, and from the risks inherent in the “field of play”. A crash on a motorcycle track? A collision in a soccer game? Being propelled off a trampoline in a facility open for that activity? These are foreseeable and inherent risks in these activities. Absent something more, the waiver may well prohibit a legal claim against the organizers of the activity.


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