Slip And Fall Lawyer in Arizona: On Your Side After An Accident

Slip and fall lawyer in Arizona, fighting to get you the compensation you deserve after an accident.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a slip-and-fall accident, you need to contact and experienced slip and fall lawyer in Arizona—as soon as possible. Evidence of the cause of the incident can be lost forever if it is not investigated soon after an accident.

Whether it’s a defect on the floor or a liquid spill, an experienced slip and fall lawyer in Arizona can obtain the evidence of such condition. This is critical to proving that a landowner or occupier was negligent in preventing the injuries suffered.

Slip-and-fall accidents often result in serious injuries. The probability of having a slip-and-fall accident in a public place is far greater than at home. For one, a person is more likely to be distracted, and, more importantly, he or she may not be aware of the existing floor defects or surface liquid spills.


The duty of businesses to exercise reasonable care to prevent exposing their customers to an unreasonable risk of injury is critical to reducing the number of slip-and-fall accidents.

An experienced slip and fall lawyer in Arizona is experienced in these types of cases and is exactly the kind of help you need.

Whether an owner or occupier of a land owes visitors a duty to protect them against dangers found on the land depends on the status of the visitor at the time. Generally speaking there are three (3) categories of visitors: 1) trespasser, 2) licensee or 3) invitee.

A trespasser is a person who enters a premises without permission.

A ìlicenseeì is a person that enters on the land, with the landownerís permission, for his or her own purpose or business. (A social guest is considered a licensee).

An invitee is someone that enters onto the premises in response to an invitation of the landowner. There are two types of invitees: (i) those who enter as members of the public for a purpose for which the land is held open to the public (e.g., museums, airports), and (ii) those who enter for a purpose connected with the business or other interests of the landowner or occupier (e.g., store customers and people accompanying them, employees, persons making deliveries). Thus, when in public businesses – such as restaurants, retail stores, theatres, etc. – a customer will most likely be an ìinviteeî.

Your visitor status changes the responsibility of the storeowner to you. Trespassers have very little protection, while invitees have the most. An experienced slip and fall lawyer in Arizona is familiar with these classifications and can help you determine how these legal concepts directly relate to your current case.

For purposes of holding a landowner or occupier of the land liable for the injuries suffered by a person on the premises, it is important to determine the correct status of the visitor (as the duty owed to visitors varies depending on the classification of the visitor). Only then may an experienced

Only then may an experienced slip and fall lawyer in Arizona formulate a case to determine whether the landowner or occupier breached a duty owed to the visitor.

An experienced slip and fall lawyer in Arizona certified in personal injury is most likely your best bet in securing the best legal representation to help you get the compensation you deserve. Especially, for slip/trip and-fall accidents, trust only an experienced Arizona slip and fall lawyer.

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