Arizona slip and fall lawyer: What to do when you fall

Arizona slip and fall lawyers know: Time is always of the essence when you’re hurt and need help.

Suppose you’re shopping in your favorite store and then suddenly lose your footing and wind up on the floor. You’re embarrassed at first. Then, the pain hits. Then, the manager is in your face asking you questions. Your head is swirling. What do you do?

First, take a deep breath, and listen. You need to hear what the manger is telling you. You need to hear what he/she is telling the employees of the store. Oftentimes the proof needed in cases comes immediately following the fall, from the mouths of the store employees. An Arizona slip and fall lawyer will tell you to pay attention to this.


Next, determine whether you need medical attention. If you need medical attention, get it. Not only is it the right thing to do for your health but because the law requires injured people to try and ìmitigateî (minimize) their own injuries, it’s also the right thing to do for your case.

Once your immediate medical needs are taken care of, you need to think about how best to protect your rights. If the store has some responsibility for injuring you, you may be entitled to reimbursement for your medical bills and loss of income, and compensation for your pain and suffering. Getting help from an experienced Arizona slip and fall lawyer is a big step in the right direction.

Most slip and fall cases occur when someone doesn’t take proper care of their premises and customers. If the person responsible for a supermarket doesn’t properly maintain it, they may be responsible for the harm their carelessness causes.

People who are injured because of the poor maintenance typically need to be able to prove that the person responsible knew or had reason to know that the property was unsafe. Arizona slip and fall lawyers always appreciate it when their clients can get them basic information about what happened at the first meeting. This information might include pictures of the place the accident happened, the contact information for the store manager, and statements from witnesses or employees about what happened.

There are also different rules depending on what you were doing on the property before you got hurt. In the case of a slip and fall in a store, you will typically be what Arizona slip and fall lawyers call an “invitee” because you were in an area of the store open to the public for business purposes.

What this means for you is that the law imposes a duty on the owner of the store to maintain it in a reasonably safe way. If the store wasn’t kept up properly, the owner may be responsible for your injuries. An experienced Arizona slip and fall lawyer will be able to tell for sure.

It’s easy to dismiss a fall as a minor accident, but the injuries can sometimes be anything but minor. Medical care and physical therapy bills can pile up, and you may not be able to keep up. Worse yet, sometimes you can’t really tell how badly you’re hurt right away.

If you’re seriously hurt from a slip and fall, or just think you might be, you may need expensive medical care and therapy, so it’s critically important that you contact an experienced Arizona slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible.

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