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When you or a family member has been sexually abused, you may be entitled to civil remedies for the abuse you or they have experienced. A sexual abuse lawyer in Phoenix will help you every step of the way. 

Suffering sexual abuse can lead to profoundly damaging emotional, physical and financial consequences. For that reason, survivors may be entitled to compensation for the abuse they’ve suffered. Any course of action must keep the needs of the victims in mind, and victims can benefit from the help of compassionate legal representation

If you’ve been victimized, call a respected Phoenix sexual abuse lawyer today. 

Forms of Sexual Abuse Claims

Civil remedies for sexual abuse victims are different from the criminal penalties that an offender may face. Sexual abuse claims are filed in civil court with the express purpose of securing financial compensation for the survivors of sexual abuse from the at-fault individuals or entities. 

Another key distinction is the standard of proof in civil cases, which is the preponderance of evidence. In criminal trials, crimes related to sexual abuse must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt—a higher standard of proof to meet. In other words, victims and their families may have a chance at securing justice in a civil suit where they cannot in criminal court. 

Civil sexual abuse claims can take on many forms. Some common acts mentioned in these types of claims can include: 

  • Sexual abuse in nursing homes
  • Sexual abuse by clergy members
  • Sexual abuse in the workplace
  • Sexual abuse by those in positions of authority  

Compensation Available to Survivors of Sexual Abuse

The financial compensation available in sexual abuse claims can include specific, uncapped economic damages, as well as non-economic damages related to the abuse in question. Some example include:

  • Medical Expenses – Hospital bills, and expenses from counseling or therapy sessions
  • Lost Income – If the impact of sexual abuse impacts your ability to work now or in the future, these losses can be included in a settlement
  • Emotional Trauma – Compensation related to the intangible emotional damages you’ve suffered
  • Lost Life Enjoyment – When abuse causes you to miss out on the things you once enjoyed, this could be reflected in your compensation

How a Sexual Abuse Lawyer Can Help

Although the experience of surviving sexual abuse can be unimaginably painful, compassionate and effective legal representation can make a difference in the lives of victims of sexual abuse. Starting with an initial consultation, an experienced sexual abuse lawyer in Phoenix will closely evaluate and investigate your case and your possibilities for filing a claim.

Then, a lawyer can file the claim on your behalf, increasing your chances of securing maximum compensation in a settlement or jury award. 

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