Phoenix Motorcycle Injury Lawyer: Single Bike Accidents

Phoenix, Arizona Motorcycle Accidents Involving a Phantom Vehicle

Single bike accidents are caused by phantom vehicles (vehicles that cause the accident but have no physical contact with the rider and flee the scene before they can be identified), hazardous road conditions, and other dangers posed to motorcyclists.

Christopher J. Zachar, our Phoenix, Arizona, single bike accident attorney, effectively represents injured motorcyclists. When a motorcycle rider is in a single bike accident, it is important to have a skilled attorney who is able to gather witnesses and establish the credibility of the injured person.

If you were injured by a phantom motorist, contact an experienced Phoenix, AZ, motorcycle accident attorney. Christopher J. Zachar offers free consultations and contingent attorneysí fees.

Single Bike Accidents in Construction Zones

Construction zones present dangerous situations for motorcyclists. Lanes are often not clearly marked, road signs prevent obstacles, and holes in the road and changing road grades pose serious problems to motorcyclists. If you were involved in a single bike accident in a construction zone, you could be facing severe injuries.

We pursue compensation for people who were injured in single bike accidents. These accidents require representation from a skilled attorney. There may have been no witnesses or no physical proof other than your injuries to show the negligence of another person. Clients feel confident when they choose our Phoenix motorcycle injury lawyer. We effectively establish the credibility of our injured clients and vigorously pursue compensation.

If you were involved in a single bike phantom accident, contact our Tucson, Arizona, motorcycle accident lawyer

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