Bike Accident Lawyer: Road Hazards

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Motorcycles and cars face road hazards in construction zones and areas of roads that are poorly maintained. Christopher J. Zachar, our highway construction accident attorney, represents people who have sustained injuries from hazardous road conditions and highway defects such as potholes. With over 18 years of experience representing injured people, Mr. Zachar offers clients the experience necessary to obtain favorable outcomes. Many of our firms clients are referred by other attorneys. Colleagues feel confident referring clients to our firm.

If you have been injured in an auto accident or motorcycle crash because of unforeseen or unmarked road conditions, contact a Phoenix highway construction accident lawyer. Christopher J. Zachar offers free consultations and contingent attorneys fees.


Motorcycles and Automobiles: Road Hazards

Road hazards present particular obstacles and dangers to motorcyclists and drivers of cars. Construction zones present huge obstacles to automobile and motorcycle safety. Unmarked changes in road conditions, poorly or confusingly marked roads, and defective roads present problems to drivers.

These dangerous conditions can cause cars and automobiles to crash, hit other vehicles, go the wrong way towards oncoming traffic and many other scenarios. When you face an injury from road hazards, the results can be traumatic and fatal.

Arizona DOT or your city may be required to provide adequate warning and proper maintenance regarding road conditions. We strive to hold the liable party accountable.

We help people who have been injured by the negligence of an individual or entity obtain compensation for their injuries. As an experienced litigator, Christopher J. Zachar is fully prepared to represent clients in litigation. Injured people can feel confident with this preparedness and experience behind them.

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