Rear End Accidents in Phoenix, Arizona

What Is a Rear-End Collision?

A rear-end collision is a type of car accident where one vehicle is struck from behind by the vehicle behind it. Rear-end collisions can be very dangerous due to the fact that the lead driver is being struck from behind. A rear end collision can lead to serious injury as the accident is almost always unexpected and the force of the vehicle colliding into you can cause neck, back, spine and leg injuries. The most common injury from a rear end collision is known as whiplash’.


Who Is at Fault in a Rear-End Collision in Arizona?

The simple answer is the person who rear ends the other person, right? Not always the case.

What if the lead vehicle stops suddenly in the middle of the road for no reason? Does that driver have fault?

What if a vehicle makes a right-hand turn onto a thoroughfare directly in front of another, leaving the driver already traveling on the thoroughfare with no time to stop?

Not always as easy as it might seem.

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How Is Liability Determined in a Rear-End Collision Accident?

There are many variables to consider when deciding who is at liable for the rear end car accident. Some of the following can be taken into account:

  • Did any parties violate traffic laws?
  • Was there a another party involved? (A pedestrian crossing the street?)
  • Are there any eyewitnesses that can give their version of the collision?
  • What were the driving conditions?
  • Were any parties under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Are there any signs of physical proof to show liability?

What are the Legal Consequences of a Rear-End Collision?

The at-fault driver is responsible for damages that result from the collision, in proportion to his share of fault.

Example, if a driver is 100% at fault, then he is responsible for 100% of the damages. If the driver is only partially at fault, then only partially responsible for the damages.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With Rear-End Collision Laws?

Need and certainly would help a great deal? aren’t necessarily the same thing.

Would you hire a plumber to repair a leaky pipe, or would you try to do it by yourself? What if you turn the wrench one turn too much maybe it is not repairable. Sane thing with your legal case. You might be able to handle on your own, but say one wrong thing to an insurance company and it may not be repairable.

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