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Highway and road construction zones make for some of the most dangerous road conditions in Arizona. It seems like major highways and thoroughfares are always under construction in the valley, leaving drivers to deal with improperly marked roads, confusing driving conditions, obstacles and other hazards on the road. Hundreds of drivers and passengers of cars, semi trailer trucks and motorcycles are injured or killed every year in construction zone accidents. Many if not all of these could be prevented with a little more time, a little more patience and a little more foresight.

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If you or a family member has been injured in an accident in a construction zone, there may be more than one other party responsible for your injuries. Highway design engineers, contractors and road maintenance crews all have a responsibility to carefully plan and implement the changes in the roadway, from beginning to completion. Assuming they did their jobs, was your accident the fault of another driver? These are all important questions. At Zachar Law Firm, we know very well the investigation that is needed in a construction zone accident.

Since 1992, Christopher J. Zachar has been helping victims receive the full and fair money damages they are entitled to as a result of a construction zone injury or death. Zachar Law Firm works very closely with roadway professionals such as highway and safety engineers and accident reconstructionists. We thoroughly prepare and present the strongest case possible to recover maximum compensation from all liable parties in construction zone accidents.

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