Arizona Wrongful Death Lawyer: Necessary for a Large Truck Accident

Is finding the right lawyer to file an action in a fatal large truck accident to protect your rights essential? Just ask Mary Aldrich.

Clay Aldrich was a 43-year-old high school economics teacher. He had been married for 15 years to Mary, the girl he met as a freshman in college. They were the parents of two boys. Clay often spent afternoons watching his son, Jackson, play sports. Clay enjoyed his job and had good rapport with his students. All in all, Clay was a good family man, providing a good life for his wife and kids. Unfortunately, no one could see what was coming on the road ahead.

Early one morning while Clay was making the long drive to work, he was hit head on by a semi-truck. The truck driver, Chad Billows, had fallen asleep at the wheel and allowed his semi to cross the centerline. Clay was pronounced dead at the scene and Billows was taken to the hospital. Mary, shocked and overcome with grief, did not know what to do.


Coming from humble means, Mary hired a discount attorney who had no experience as an Arizona wrongful death lawyer. Therefore, it was no surprise that when the insurance company offered a meager settlement, the lawyer (anxious to make a quick buck) accepted it. Mary was thereafter forced to work two jobs to get her kids through school. She thought she had done the right thing when she did it. It was not until much later that she knew she had made a huge mistake. Discount fees all too often mean cut corners and discount services. Don’t let this happen to you. Hire an experienced lawyer.

Experience counts. An Arizona Wrongful Death Lawyer understands the complicated wrongful death laws in Arizona. He or she understands the laws about wrongful death and how they interact with the other areas of law involved. The differences and variations in Arizona wrongful death laws make it imperative that you hire an experienced Arizona wrongful death lawyer so you can focus on the important steps ahead. Let them worry about the legal issues, while you use your time getting your life back on track.

An experienced Arizona wrongful death lawyer will be able to tell you when a personal representative can bring a claim on behalf of the beneficiaries, or on behalf of the estate. In addition, he or she will be able to explain what types of damages are available based on who is bringing the wrongful death claim this is because a qualified wrongful death specialist knows these laws and can easily explain what cause of action fits each situation.

In addition, an experienced lawyer knows and understands that facts and circumstances surrounding large truck accidents are often elusive; that is, they are likely to disappear unless appropriate action is taken. It is very important to contact an experienced Arizona wrongful death lawyer who understands what evidence needs to be preserved so they can obtain this evidence, wherever it may be. Moreover, an experienced lawyer understands the tremendous burden surrounding the death of a loved one and the additional burden of bringing a wrongful death action. Avoid any more suffering; find an Arizona wrongful death lawyer to help bring your claim.

An experienced Arizona wrongful death lawyer can answer all of your questions, tell you which documents to hold onto and help you with all the legal aspects of the tragedy. Moreover, he or she will be steadfast in bringing action and defending your rights through negotiation and settlement or trial. This experience allows the lawyer to understand what a fair settlement offer from an insurance company is, and if the offer is not fair, they have the experience to litigate the case and get you what you deserve.

If a loved one had been killed in a large truck accident, look for experience, look for a proven trial lawyer, find a certified specialist in personal injury law to help you understand the road ahead. Find a certified specialist who will help you get the answers and recovery to which you are entitled. Call the Zachar Law Firm today for a free, no obligation consultation at (602) 494-4800.

Unfortunately for Mary Aldrich, the decision to hire a discount lawyer ended for her in a greatly discounted settlement. ┬áDon’t let this family to your family.

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