Arizona Car Accident Attorneys: Because Sometimes The Accident Is Just The Beginning

Arizona car accident attorneys, paving the road to recovery. If you have been injured, or if you know someone that has been injured or even killed in an automobile accident, be it a loved one, friend, or neighbor, you need to get the type of aggressive (and local) representation that only an Arizona car accident attorneys can offer.

This is one of the fields of personal injury where experience really matters. A competent lawyer will know exactly what to look for in claims of personal injury or death as a result of red-light running.

Is it important to seek legal representation from experienced Arizona car accident attorneys immediately after an automobile accident? What can go wrong if you wait too long? Can it mean that you obtain no recovery for your medical bills, lost wages, damaged car, pain and suffering, etc.?

Many people wait before contacting an attorney following a collision and injury. Doing so may end up delaying, harming or potentially destroying the process to obtain adequate compensation for your damages (medical bills, lost wages, damaged car, pain and suffering, etc) Insurance companies move fast after an accident, and will most likely attempt to contact you and interview you in order to get your version of how the event transpired.

If you are unaware of this and speak freely to an insurance company, without retaining legal counsel first, you may end up admitting damaging statements that would make it more difficult (if not impossible) to recover any damages later at trial. Experienced Arizona car accident attorneys are well aware of how insurance companies work and of the local laws governing insurance coverage, and will advice you accordingly.

Automobile accidents are by far the most common types of accidents that injure and claim the lives of loved ones. While there are many causes for these accidents, a recurring one is red-light running. Red light runners are abundant in our fast-paced society and many times the people who end up paying the price for these inattentive, or even reckless, drivers are the innocent and diligent ones.

But, if someone runs a red light, are they ALWAYS going to be found responsible? Are there any witnesses? Is there any corroboration of the event, as you witnessed it?

A large number of automobile accidents are caused by negligent or reckless drivers who run red lights. Even if you are an attentive driver, you may not be able to avoid a collision or accident. But what of you are (wrongly) accused of also being responsible?

Will this destroy your ability to state a claim against the true wrongdoer? Arizona law is called “pure comparative negligence.” This means that an injured victim is able to recover damages against a negligent driver, even if the plaintiff (the suing party) bears some fault as well.

However, any damages that the plaintiff may recover will be reduced by the plaintiff’s own negligence percentage. So, for example, if the plaintiff was found to be 20% negligent and the defendant was 80% negligent, and total damages amount to $10,000, plaintiff would only be able to recover $8,000.

This is somewhat tricky and can be a very complicated process and finding experienced Arizona car accident attorneys will fill you in on all the details of how Arizona laws works in favor (or against) your case, and will know the best strategy for maximizing recovery of damages.

Experienced Arizona car accident attorneys generally assist their clients on the civil (as opposed to criminal) aspect of their cases. If you receive a ticket for an accident, will that mean that you cannot recover? What happens when the jury finds out that YOU got the ticket—won’t that be a death blow to your case? The answer is no. Evidence of who got the ticket or who pled responsible or who went to traffic school is completely inadmissible evidence in a civil case in Arizona. Does your attorney know that? Is your attorney experienced in this area of the law? Is your attorney a trial lawyer? Is your attorney one of the experienced and board certified?

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