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With a population of almost 230,000 residents, Glendale is one of the fastest growing cities in Arizona.

Glendale, Arizona is located just northwest of Phoenix and has hosted some of the biggest events in the United States.

The Super Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl, the Phoenix Coyotes, and many major concerts and events have been hosted in Glendale — which brings A LOT of attention to the city.

With such an influx in population, Glendale personal injury accidents are also (unfortunately) growing.

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Zachar Law Firm has dedicated two decades to personal injury and wrongful death experience throughout Arizona.

Why should you hire a Glendale personal injury attorney instead of handling the case on your own?

There are many variables that are involved in a personal injury case. Yes. It is possible to handle a personal injury case on your own, but with so many elements involved such as lost wages, medical bills, and having to deal with insurance companies, why would you want to try?

Do you expect the insurance company to be fair with you? It’s a nice thought, but not likely.

If insurance companies really treated people the way they claim to on their commercials, there would be no need for attorneys. Remember that.

If you’ve been injured due to another’s negligence, you need the right law firm to help get you the justice you truly deserve.

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