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Downtown Phoenixis a business and entertainment district, with shopping, art galleries, cafes, and many other amenities. With a population boom, Arizona State University, has now made their home in central Phoenix as well. With a population of over one million residents in central Phoenix, alone, Zachar Law Firm has a location in downtown Phoenix to better serve clients!

How is a “good” personal injury case determined when reviewing a possible case? What factors are determined?

There are several things that experienced Phoenix personal injury attorneys look for in evaluating a case. These include:

  1. Liability. We need to investigate all facts and circumstances of the case to make sure we can prove that somebody else is at fault.
  2. Damages. In order to have a claim for personal injury against another party, there must be injuries and damages. Injuries including physical, mental or emotional harm, and damages including medical bills, lost wages, property damage and other out-of-pocket losses.
  3. Causation. We must be able to show that the damages being claimed are related to the accident.  In other words, that the damages is being claimed were “caused“ by the accident.
  4. Insurance coverage. In order to make almost any claim worth pursuing, it is important to determine that the at-fault party has insurance coverage to pay for the damages.  It does not make much sense to pursue a personal injury case, no matter what the damages, if the at-fault party had no insurance and if the at-fault party has no income or assets to pay for the harm.

Each of these elements is extremely important in determining whether a case exists and how good the case might be. An experience experienced Central Phoenix Injury Attorneywill undertake the proper investigation to find these things out, to advise you if you have a good case. Then, the experienced Central Phoenix Injury Attorneys will do everything possible to get you the best recovery.

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