Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer Chris Zachar Interview Video 11 – Won’t my insurance company help me?

Ken of “Greater Phoenix Attorney at Law Magazine” interviews Phoenix personal injury lawyer Chris Zachar on being selected Solo Practitioner Of The Month, November 2010:

Ken: If I had my own insurance company, would they be there for me?

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Chris Zachar: If you had your own insurance company would they be there for you? That’s an excellent question. The short answer is “they should”. the second answer is “are you making a claim of this insurance company? Is there some type of coverage you have that you actually have the right to make a claim against them. If you aren’t making a claim against your own insurance company, the chances are better that they will be on your side. If you are making a claim against your own insurance company then you are in an adverse position to them and you can’t expect to be treated any differently than if it is your insurance company or the other guys insurance company.

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