Phoenix Injury Lawyer Chris Zachar Interview Video 15 – Professional Achievements and Awards

Ken of “Greater Phoenix Attorney at Law Magazine” interviews Phoenix personal injury lawyer Chris Zachar on being selected Solo Practitioner Of The Month, November 2010:

Ken: Chris, are there some professional achievements or awards that you might be able to share with our readers?

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Chris Zachar: Some of my most proud achievements are number one,‚Ćbecoming a board certified specialist in Arizona in personal injury and wrongful death. It took a lot of work, a lot of trial experience, and I am extremely proud of being able to call myself a Board Certified Specialist and and perhaps the other achievement I am extremely proud of is earlier this year I travelled back to Washington DC and was actually sworn in as a member of the United States Supreme Court. Public perception is that if you are an attorney you could potentially make it to the Supreme Court. Well, you can’t unless you are a member of the Supreme Court so in March I travelled back to Washington DC and actually got to stand up in front of the 9 member panel of the Supreme Court with the Chief Justice calling my name and swearing me in as a member of the Court. It was a surreal experience and a certainly a very proud moment in my life.

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Ken: It sounds like it was an extraordinary honor.

Chris Zachar: It really was.

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