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A shoulder injury after a car accident isn’t always exactly what it seems. It can be very hard to diagnose, for reasons that you may not feel pain immediately in your shoulder It may present initially and even for months afterward as neck pain. Often, following an accident, an injury victim will complain of severe pain in one or both shoulders. An X-ray or MRI will actually reveal that the pain is the result of a neck or back injury, which results in referred pain in the shoulder area. Many accident victims don’t feel shoulder pain for several days, weeks or even months following a car accident, only to discover that the injury actually occurred in another part of the upper body. If you are experiencing shoulder pain following a car accident, it is important to have your doctor check for injuries to other areas of your back, neck and head.

Most important, you must tell your doctor about ALL areas that hurt. They may not pinpoint the diagnosis right away, but if the records are clear that you were complaining of pain in that area of your body, it will give you a better chance at proving your claim to the insurance company, judge or jury.

The importance of getting the right treatment

Getting the right treatment for your shoulder injury can make all the difference in your recovery. Unfortunately, what may seem like a small injury can turn into something much bigger after a period of time. In some cases, surgery and rehabilitation will be required. Shoulder injuries may seem trivial, but they are anything but. Shoulder injuries can cause lifelong issues if not appropriately treated. Getting in touch with the right experienced shoulder injury lawyer in Phoenix can make all the difference in your case.

Make sure you retain an attorney who has experience in handling cases similar to yours. It’s incredibly important.

Why is shoulder pain so common?

Shoulder injuries after a car accident occur regularly. Why? The seatbelt is made to protect you in case of an accident. It prevents mobility and is meant to keep you in place. In an accident, the pressure and force that is applied to your body from the seat-belt can reach staggering numbers, which in turn can cause the shoulder injuries.

When should you seek medical attention after suffering a shoulder injury from a car accident?

It is important to see a Doctor if you feel any pain or discomfort in your shoulder(s) after being involved in a car accident. Shoulder injuries can range from bruising, to ruptures or tears–even broken bones. It is very important that you seek medical assistance before calling anyone else. Your health and well being depend on it.

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At Zachar Law Firm, we offer experienced personal injury litigation experience which you can rely on to help you recover full and fair compensation for the medical bills and other losses that may result from a shoulder injury following a car accident. We know how difficult it can be to present a successful claim or lawsuit to prove neck pain and shoulder injuries resulting from rotator cuff pain or other muscle tears. Insurance defense attorneys will rely on confusing medical terminology and will work hard to prove a pre-existing condition based on an old injury. You need an experienced attorney on your side.

Trial lawyer Christopher Zachar has over 21 years of experience in preparing for shoulder injury lawsuits, to include evidence that will make the injuries more clear to a jury in the event a trial becomes necessary. Most importantly, Zachar Law Firm’s objective is always the same: To prove the injuries that were truly caused by the accident. Even if you had a pre-existing medical condition, of the at-fault party’s negligence resulted in aggravating the symptoms and increasing damages, under Arizona law, you are entitled to recover for your damages.

Shoulder injuries may result from a wide variety of negligence accidents:

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