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If you have suffered a neck injury in a motor vehicle accident or any other type of accident, your first priority must be to get seen by a medical professional. Neck injuries aren’t always what they seem. The sudden forces upon the neck when hit from behind (whiplash) can do irreparable damage to muscles, nerves and vertebrae. Likewise, the torque exerted on the neck in a frontal impact can result if serious, lifelong pain. An upper back or neck injury that feels like minor stiffness for a few days following an auto accident can actually be the earliest signs of a lifetime of pain, therapy and medical bills.

Likewise, the torque exerted on the neck in a frontal impact can result if serious, lifelong pain. An upper back or neck injury that feels like minor stiffness for a few days following an auto accident can actually be the earliest signs of a lifetime of pain, therapy and medical bills.

Types of neck injuries

Suffering neck pain after a car accident may seem normal. You can experience bruising and soreness and even whiplash. But deep down there could be a more dangerous injury lingering. Neck injuries can be associated with spinal cord injury. A back injury can be one of the most painful injuries sustained due to another’s negligence. It’s important that you seek the right neck and back injury lawyer.

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What causes Whiplash after an auto accident?

Whiplash and neck injuries are commonly associated with car accidents, where the occupants of the subject vehicle are unprepared for impact. When the impact occurs, the neck is thrust forward (frontal impact) or backward (rear impact) at speeds and angles that occur within thousandths of a second. Simply stated, your brain and your body don’t even have the chance to prepare for this, and the result if injury and pain. Whiplash after a car accident may not seem serious, but it can grow into a big problem.

Spinal Cord Injury after a car accident and how serious it can be.

The spinal cord is the column of nerve tissue, protected by the bones of the spine, which delivers messages between the brain and the rest of the body. Thus, spinal cord injuries may damage or destroy the ability of the brain to communicate with the body. When a spinal cord injury occurs, the part of the body controlled by the affected area of the spinal cord may lose its ability to function. Many spinal cord injuries result in permanent disability or paralysis. Paralysis can involve all four extremities (quadriplegia) or only the lower body (paraplegia).

The closer a spinal cord injury occurs to the head, the more likely it is that a larger area of the body will be affected. A complete spinal cord injury occurs when the affected area loses all sensation and muscle control, whereas partial injuries leave these functions intact to some degree. Most spinal cord injuries occur due to bruising rather than a severing of the spinal cord.

Each year, Americans suffer painful and at times disabling, injuries to the neck and spine. The forces that affect the body in many types of trauma are often concentrated in the neck and spine. Muscular pain, herniated discs, nerve impingement, and countless other injuries cause significant pain and often require extensive medical treatment and physical therapy. Medical bills can grow in large sums fairly quickly, having the right neck and spinal injury lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona can truly make all the difference.

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Personal injury trial lawyer Christopher Zachar has been helping victims of car and other accidents recover full money damages for neck injuries for over 21 years. Zachar Law Firm has earned recognition among satisfied personal injury clients, legal professionals and insurance adjustors for the comprehensive and thoroughly prepared approach we take to fighting for the rights of injury victims. We know that the only way for an insurance defense team to take your neck injuries seriously is to include and prepare all evidence to make your spinal cord or neck injury claim clear to a jury, if a trial becomes necessary.

We also know that insurance defense attorneys will do whatever they can to plant doubt, which can include muddying the legal issues by using confusing medical jargon and blaming you (the victim) for a pre-existing condition. Even if you have had a pre-existing neck injury or upper back problem, the person or entity found negligent for causing the accident may be held liable for your increased pain and symptoms leading to medical treatment. Make no mistake. An experienced personal injury trial lawyer will make all the difference in protecting your rights.

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