What Causes Most Car Accidents?

A car accident in Phoenix can pose a pretty serious setback in many areas of your life. 

Between medical bills, lost income and even emotional damages, the overall impact of a car accident can be incredibly difficult to handle alone. 

But what are some of the most common causes of car accidents? And when can you file a claim? Here are some things to keep in mind. 

Common Factors in Car Accidents

Not every car accident is caused by the carelessness of another driver or party. However, when this is the case, you can file a car accident claim to recover cash for some of the damages and losses you experienced as a result of the accident. 

Some of the most common factors in car accidents caused by negligence include:

  • Drunk DrivingNot only is driving over the legal limit a crime, but it also has tort implications for defendants who cause others injury or harm through their actions. When someone else’s poor decision-making leaves you injured, you can take action by filing a claim. 
  • Distracted DrivingResponding to a text or looking for a song on your phone isn’t an excuse to take your eyes off the road while driving. When this happens or someone is otherwise distracted, they could be held liable. 
  • Faulty Parts – Sometimes, other drivers might not be the culprit. If your accident and subsequent injuries were the results of a production error, you could recover compensation from its makers and others related to the product in a product liability claim

Regardless of the nature of the car accident you suffered, if someone else is responsible, an experienced attorney with Zachar Law Firm, P.C. can help you determine fault and file a claim. 

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