Bicycle Accidents in Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona Bicycle Accident Attorney

Avid bicyclists and leisure bicycle riders face potential dangers from cars, trucks, road construction and other road hazards. Bicyclists usually ride on roads with extreme caution, and they are well aware of the potential for injury and the lack of personal protection.

Even the most careful bike riders who always wear helmets can be seriously injured if they are hit by a car or run into a hazard. Attorney Christopher J. Zachar, our Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer, represents bike riders injured in bicycle accidents by the negligence, carelessness or bad choices of other people.

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You Do Not Have to Be Hit by a Car to Sustain Injuries

Even if a car did not actually hit you or your bike, the driver can be held liable for your injuries if the driver’s negligent actions caused your bicycle accident. A “phantom vehicle” may have caused your serious bicycle accident by driving too close to you, running you off the road, or turning into your path. Phantom vehicles can run cars or bikes off the road or cause serious injury to a bike rider without actual impact.

The claim that a phantom vehicle caused your accident may not be believed by your insurance company. Christopher J. Zachar is skilled in establishing the credibility of bicyclists injured in accidents without a collision, and we use this skill to effectively pursue compensation for your injuries. If a phantom vehicle caused your road bike accident,†contact our firm for more information on how we can establish your personal injury claim and help you get compensation.

Injuries From an Accident While Riding a Bike

A vehicle may have turned directly into your bike or failed to look both ways before proceeding and caused your serious or even fatal injuries. When a bicyclist is hit by a car or truck, the injuries are usually very severe. Injured bike riders may suffer broken bones, road rash and serious head or spinal cord injuries. Injured bicyclists often face mounting medical bills and may lose their jobs.

Catastrophic bicycle accidents sometimes result in paralysis, brain damage or death.

Injured bike riders rely on Christopher J. Zachar to aggressively pursue fair and full compensation for their bicycle accident injuries. Families of bicyclists who were killed rely on our firm to help them collect compensation through†wrongful death claims.

Christopher J. Zachar has nearly 15 years of experience representing injured people, and we prepare every personal injury case for trial. Although many bicycle accident claims settle before going into litigation, our preparedness instills confidence in our clients.

If you or someone you love was seriously injured in an accident while riding a bike, contact our Phoenix, Arizona, bicycle accident attorney.

We provide compassionate representation for bike riders hit by a car and for the families of bikers killed while riding.