Arizona Slip and Fall Attorney: What are the issues in a slip and fall case?

A slip and fall accident can happen to anyone, anywhere. Slip and fall accidents are perhaps more common than most people know. So common, in fact, that persons injured in slip and fall accidents may not know that they may have legal rights in regard to such.

Most slip and falls do not result in injuries that warrant legal action. But how do you know? It is essential to consult an Arizona slip and fall attorney to see whether you may have a potential legal claim. It may be nothing. It may be something. It is best that you let an experienced Phoenix slip and fall attorney help you make this determination.

Slip and fall liability depends on a number of factors. Because someone did not physically push you down, liability must arise from a failure to safely maintain the premises. Not all slip and fall accidents occur this way. How do you know?


An experienced Arizona slip and fall attorney can help. What was your legal status at the time of the fall? An invitee, a licensee, a trespasser? Your legal status can make all the difference in presenting a legal claim. When a person is invited onto the property for either social or economic reasons, the land owner owes a higher standard of care. However, when one shuts his or her property off to the public, the law may not punish that person when one wrongfully enters that property and becomes injured.

When a slip and fall accident occurs at a social gathering and the injured person was invited onto the premises, the owner of the premises may be liable for the injury. An Arizona slip and fall attorney can explain that in purely social settings, the owner of the premises is liable for any known, concealed, artificial or natural conditions. This means that the possessor must protect his guests from any unforeseeable ìtrapsî that he knows of on his property. An experienced Arizona slip and fall attorney will be able to explain this key distinction between social guests and business guests.

If you have suffered an injury in a slip and fall accident, consult an experienced Arizona slip and fall attorney. Look for experience, look for a proven trial lawyer, find a certified specialist in personal injury who knows and understands the basis of liability in Arizona for slip and fall cases, such as the specialists at Zachar Law Firm. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call (602) 494-4800 or visit

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