Arizona Slip And Fall Attorney: If I fall on another ís property, are they automatically liable?

Need an Arizona slip and fall attorney? If you have fallen on someone else’s property, you need to contact a local attorney immediately to discuss your rights, and whether you may have a claim. An experienced Arizona slip and fall attorney is specialized in dealing with these types of accidents and understands that not all slip-and-fall accidents are the same.

We have probably all been victims of a slip, trip or fall occurrence at one point in our lives. Whether it happened because of our own negligence, someone else’s, or a combination of both, the result is the same. It hurts! While many of these accidents may only cause mere bruises, scratches or minor injuries, sometimes, a more serious injury can occur.


If you are ever in a slip-and-fall accident, it is important that you contact an experienced Arizona slip and fall attorney to discuss your rights (medical bills, pain and suffering, lost work wages, etc.) An experienced Arizona slip and fall attorney can help you assess whether the fall was someone else’s fault, and whether you may have a claim worth pursuing.

In Arizona, a landowner or tenant person may be liable for injuries caused to another in a slip-and-fall accident, although, contrary to myth, liability is not automatic. Rather, they will be held liable if it can be proven that there was a dangerous condition that was known and left unprotected. If so, the status of the injured claimant is important? Guest?

On property with permission for a stated purpose? Trespasser? The ìdutyî a landowner or tenant owes to another depends upon the classification of that person. These are not always easy distinctions to make. The landowner will try to classify the injured person into one of the categories that lessons the obligations of the landowner. An experienced Arizona slip and fall attorney knows better, and can make the difference in these matters.

For almost all cases, the landowner owes people a duty of “reasonable care”. What is ìreasonableî depends upon the status of the visitor, and, the condition of the premises. Whether the landowner is determined to have acted negligent (by commission or omission) is the ultimate issue to be decided. An experienced Arizona slip and fall attorney can assist greatly in this process, particularly one who is certified in personal injury.

Falls can result in serious injuries. More often than not in these cases, you need an experienced Arizona slip and fall attorney. Immediacy is often crucial, so witnesses can be located and evidence preserved. Know your rights, and get the assistance you need in asserting and enforcing your rights. It can make all the difference in the successful outcome of your claim.

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