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Motorcycles are allowed the same use of the road as cars. There is no excuse for a car driver not to see or to claim not to have seen a motorcyclist. People who drive cars, trucks, and other motorized vehicles have a duty to share the road with motorcycles. Christopher J. Zachar, our Phoenix†motorcycle accident attorney pursues compensation for injured motorcyclists.

If you have been injured by a driver who claims he or she did not see you,†contact a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney. Christopher J. Zachar will aggressively pursue compensation for your claim. Our firm offers free consultations and contingent attorneys fees.

Motorcyclists ride for many reasons: the open road, freedom, and even to save on gas. Motorcyclists often take extra precautions because they are aware of these potential dangers. Our attorneys represent clients who were injured by the negligence of a driver who claims they did not see a motorcyclist.

What Can People Do to Start Seeing Motorcycles?

Many people are aware of the ìStart Seeing Motorcyclesî bumper sticker. Sadly, many people who display that bumper sticker have lost loved ones or have been impacted by a motorcycle accident. Motor vehicle operators need to take the following steps to ensure motorcyclists are safe on the road.

  • Share the road with motorcycles.
  • Obey traffic rules. One negligent action can harm someone.
  • Allow enough cushion between cars and motorcycles. Cars take longer to stop and a slow reaction time could cause injury to a motorcyclist.
  • Watch for motorcycles.

There are many action groups dedicated to inform the public about the important steps people can take to afford motorcyclists the same road rights as other vehicles.

If you have been injured by a negligent driver,contact our firm.

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