Dog Bites in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix Dog Bite Attorney

Many dog bites are not serious at all and many are never reported. However, those that are, have sparked widespread debates over how to prevent further attacks.

One popular topic for debate is ordinances or laws. There are those who support banning pitbulls versus those who support banning ìdangerous breedsî. Then there are those who support restricting certain breeds and how they are contained while still others prefer fining owners of dogs that chase or attack people or animals.

In 2007 about 310,000 people were received in emergency rooms due to dog bites. If you live in a neighborhood with dogs or if you frequent areas where there are dogs, you might want to keep updated on the laws and regulations regarding dogs in those areas.

Contact an experienced Phoenix dog bite lawyer if you or someone you know has been bitten by a dog. Most importantly, seek medical attention right away and then seek legal advice before discussing anything with any insurance company. Chris Zachar of Zachar & Associates has extensive experience handling animal attacks and dog bite injury claims.

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