When does an accident turn into a personal injury case?

Accidents happen all the time, and most can be chalked up to bad timing. But when injuries can be attributed to negligence of another, the party at fault should be responsible for paying damages (as well as physical, property, and emotional injuries) associated with the accident. This process is called a ìpersonal injury claimî.

Phoenix Personal injury law has evolved into a very complicated area over the years. People, including non-PI attorneys, seem to think that this area of the law is ìeasyî. A rear ender? No brainer! Perhaps this used to be the case. No more.

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The practice of law has become very specialized. If you have a divorce matter, find an experienced divorce attorney. If you have a criminal matter, please, an experienced criminal attorney. If a personal injury matter, why would the rule of experience change? It should not, and if is does, yet get what you ask for.

Discount fees only come with discount services.

Your attorney not one who regularly files lawsuits? Be prepared to accept less in settlement.

Your attorney not an experienced Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer? Good luck.

Here are a few questions that people should ask themselves when deciding whether or not to call an experienced Arizona personal injury attorney.

1. Was the accident/incident the result of anotherís negligence?
2. Did the negligent actions of another cause the injury?
3. Is there physical or mental injury substantiated by a doctor?
4. Has the injury impacted employment or resulted in lost of wages?
5. Did injuries result in permanent disability or require ongoing treatment?
6. Has the injury impacted everyday life?

In my opinion, a ìyesî response to one or more of these questions necessitates the consultation and assistance of an EXPERIENCED Phoenix personal injury attorney. Does your attorney have experience? Have they ever taken a personal injury case to trial? (Donít be fooled by a ìno. we settle all of our casesî answer.) Is your attorney a State Bar Certified Specialist in Injury/Death Law?

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