Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers and Morality: Are lawsuits bad?

Question: Are Lawsuits Bad? Phoenix Trial Lawyer Chris Zachar of Zachar Law Firm explains.

Personal Injury Trial Lawyers are a common target for humorists. Anyone who occupies a position with higher social status must be ready to accept being the butt of jokes from time to time. Unfortunately sometimes the jokes take on a life of their own, to the point where they view all lawyers as greedy and dishonest, and the entire legal system as bad.

So, if trial lawyers are bad, then lawsuits must be bad too. Right?

Question: What is a lawsuit?

Answer: Stated very simply, a lawsuit is just a disagreement that the parties could not resolve on their own.

Question: Why file a lawsuit?

Answer: To get the disagreement resolved. Obviously, the parties cannot resolve it on their own and need some help. They turn for help to the courts.

Question: Why do the courts exist?

Answer: Very simply again, to help people resolve their disagreements. Our forefathers knew, when they wrote The Constitution, that they needed to create a set of rules for a lawful society. If we were going to live in a lawful and peaceful and free society, we needed a peaceful way to resolve disagreements. In addition, if someone did something to harm another, there had to be a way to hold the wrongdoer responsible. Absent this, we would never have anything but chaos (also called ?anarchy?).

Question: Why do we need trial lawyers?

Answer: Trial lawyers are highly trained professionals who understand the rules of the justice system of the United States. Lawsuits and justice can be very complicated, and it would be pretty difficult for the justice system to work without trained professionals to consult and navigate the system.

ARE YOU READY TO GET STARTED ON YOUR CASE-Justice means different things to different people of course, but probably the most basic definition is that Justice means people get what they fairly deserve. Lawsuits are simply means to that end, and, contrary to what is sometimes portrayed on television, they are neither cynical get-rich-quick schemes nor anger-fueled fights where no one wins but the lawyers. Actually, the great majority of lawsuits never go to trial and are settled very much as a business negotiation would be. The Lawyers involved, give or take a few bad apples, are ethical, honest, hard-working professionals who use their independent judgment and knowledge of the law to represent. Phoenix Personal Injury lawyers know this is not always the way they’re perceived, which is why they hold themselves to a higher standard than society asks of virtually any other profession.

Filing a lawsuit when you’ve been harmed is not bad, does not make you a bad person and does not mean that you are out to get rich?. Filing a lawsuit simply means that you believe you have been harmed or wronged in some way, that the wrongdoer refuses to accept responsibility and that you seek to right the wrong in the peaceful manner afforded you by the justice system and the United States Constitution. In this country, no one is either above the law, and everyone must be responsible for the harm that they do. Sometimes, lawsuits are the only way to compel the wrongdoer to take responsibility. So, is that bad? It certainly should not seem that way.

Oftentimes, insurance companies make you feel bad; they make you feel as though YOU are the bad person for filing a lawsuit. Really?

Question: Why do insurance companies do that?

Answer: Because often it is the insurance companies who have to pay for their insured’s wrongdoing, and they don’t like to give up their money. Even though the entire purpose of insurance is to protect one from a financial payout if they cause an accident, insurance companies will do just about everything they can to hold onto all of the money that their customers pay them. One way: Make people believe that lawsuits are bad? and the people who file them are just greedy. Is that fair? Hardly, but it is the tactic that we deal with on a daily basis.

It is crucial to understand that if you have been harmed, you have rights, and sometimes, when the wrongdoer will not take responsibility, the court system is the only place for you to seek the level of justice you are entitled to. Does this make you bad? Of course not. The only one who wins when fair people think that is the insurance companies.

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