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Accidents involving large commercial trucks, semi trucks and tractor trailers often result in serious, catastrophic or fatal injuries to drivers and passengers in other cars. Large trucks travel at the same speed as cars and motorcycles, but they weigh much more than a car and take much more time to slow down and stop. The fact that they are so much larger also increases the forces involved in these accidents. Did you know that a tractor trailer traveling 3 mph will exert the same force as a Volkswagen Bug traveling 40 mph? It is common for people to be severely injured in accidents with large trucks.

If you or someone you love was injured in an accident with a large truck, contact Phoenix, Arizona, trucking accident attorney Christopher J. Zachar as soon as possible. We offer free consultations and contingent attorneys’ fees.

Why Is Contacting an Attorney Important?

Why is it important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after a tractor trailer accident? Can’t I handle this myself?

An experienced lawyer’s involvement can ensure that evidence is preserved and the trucking accident scene is investigated promptly by experts. Evidence in trucking accidents can be easily destroyed, and it sometimes is destroyed by guilty or liable truck drivers or trucking companies. Keep in mind also—once the roadway where the accident occurred is re-opened, the passage of hundreds or even thousands of other cars can dramatically change the scene evidence. Evidence is imperative in determining what caused the accident and whether the truck driver is liable for damages. Even if it seems clear, never rely on the other drivers insurance company to play fair. In fact, expect the opposite.

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At Zachar Law Firm, we have significant experience in investigating accidents and finding liability and fault in trucking accidents. We can provide professional and compassionate representation for people injured in tractor trailer accidents, as well as help families pursuing wrongful death compensation for a loved one killed in a trucking accident. We use a proven team of investigators, including roadway safety engineers and accident reconstructionists to find, document and preserve the evidence needed for each case. Keep in mind: An investigation delayed may result in justice denied. Do not wait.

Determining Who Is Liable in Trucking Accidents

Investigations are done at the scene of the accident by an investigating officers. We can make sure that this first report is thorough and complete. Our firm provides additional investigation with the help of accident reconstruction experts. We also examine the details of safety logs and truck driver log books, and we are often able to determine AND PROVE who is liable.

Common causes or evidence to be investigated:

Falsified log book entries.

Trucking accidents can be caused by negligence or carelessness

Driver fatigue

Non-compliance with federal trucking regulations for rest breaks

Reckless or careless driving

Inattention to other traffic

Drug or alcohol use by truck driver

Improper or negligent truck maintenance

The determination of fault in serious trucking accidents involves many complex legal issues. An experienced Phoenix trucking accident lawyer can help with your personal injury or wrongful death claim and may be able to help you receive the compensation you need. Need help? Call Christopher J. Zachar to learn more about your options.

Resolution of Trucking Accident Claims

Settlements for tractor trailer accidents are often reached through alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which includes mediation and arbitration. In ADR, we attempt to come to an agreement and settlement without a judge or trial. The injured party, the at-fault truck driver or company, the parties’ respective attorneys and insurance adjusters work together through mediation or arbitration. The goal is to determine who is liable in the collision or for the fatality and settle the claim without long or costly litigation.

To learn more about your options after a trucking accident to resolve the matter without going to court, contact Phoenix accident attorney Christopher J. Zachar.