Arizona Personal Injury Accident Lawyers: Helping Those Affected by Automobile Accidents

Arizona personal injury accident lawyers: Help when you need to recover the damages you suffer in an accident.

If you, a loved one, or someone you know has been involved in an automobile accident, you need to contact your lawyer to discuss your legal rights. Experienced Arizona personal injury accident lawyers are knowledgeable in accident claims and can guide you through every aspect of your case, dealing with insurance companies, seeking medical help and counseling, the initiation of legal proceedings, etc.

Automobile accidents may result in minor or no injuries. However, automobile accidents also account for thousands of deaths in the United States every year.


There are multiple factors that a bearing on the seriousness of an accident. Speed of the vehicle(s) at the time of impact, the types of vehicles, the angle at which a vehicle is hit, the ages and physical conditions of the people involved in the accident, protective gear in place (airbags, seat belts, etc.). It does not take much for an accident to turn deadly. Arizona personal injury accident lawyers are familiar with these and many other factors, and can help you understand how they impact your case.

Laws requiring the use of seat belts in Arizona make their violation a secondary offense. Secondary enforcement (or offense) means that a police officer may not stop a driver solely for violating the secondary offense (e.g., using a seat belt); but if a driver is stopped due to some other primary traffic violation (e.g., speeding), he or she may then be charged additional fines for failure to comply with the secondarily-enforced laws. Moreover, failure to wear a seat belt in Arizona may result in the substantial reduction of damages recovered in a lawsuit after an accident.

Because Arizona is a pure comparative negligence state, the damages a person may be eligible to obtain in court may be reduced by the percentage of that person’s own negligence. Thus, if someone does not wear a seat belt and, as a result, suffers more serious injuries than he or she would have sustained otherwise, the person might only be able to recover all the damages alleged in court minus whatever percentage of fault is attributed to that person.

Arizona personal injury accident lawyers can explain more in depth the impact of nonuse of seat belts in Arizona and how it may affect your case in the event of an accident.

Lawyers certified in personal injury can be a very important, if not the most important, resource in giving you the advantageous edge you need to win your case. Certified Arizona personal injury accident lawyers specialize in accident claims.

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