Handling Bicycle Accidents

An experienced Arizona Car Accident Attorney is a specialist in accidents involving all types of motor vehicle accidents. When traveling on the public roadways, bicycles are considered vehicles just like cars or motorcycles, and they are subject to the same traffic laws.

It is important to keep the rules of the road in mind when cycling, because the rules that make sense for automobile traffic don’t always seem so obvious to cyclists.

For example, many cyclists feel safer riding against traffic because they can see cars coming. It’s not clear that this practice is any better for avoiding accidents, but from a legal point of view, it’s a big mistake, as any experienced Arizona car accident attorney will tell you.

For one thing, because Arizona uses a comparative fault system, the fact that a cyclist is riding against traffic may mean that the cyclist will actually be held liable for the accident and any damage done to the car. Breaking the rules about riding with traffic can fall into a legal category called “negligence per se.”

This basically means that if a person violates a law and causes damage, the person may be determined to be liable as a matter of law—well before the case ever gets to trial for such a determination. The act of riding against traffic itself will put the offending cyclist at fault.

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If you, as a cyclist, are found to be at fault it can mean being held financially responsible for the driver’s injuries or damage to the car. Worse still, since most accidents between cars and bikes leave the cyclist far worse off than the driver, cyclists may not be able to get compensation for their injuries.

Even if the driver of the car is judged to be mostly at fault, the cyclist may still be left with unpaid medical expenses if they were riding against traffic because under comparative fault, the court would reduce any amount given to the cyclist as compensation by the cyclist’s relative degree of fault for the accident. An experienced Arizona car accident attorney can help you in matters such as these.

Of course, people don’t always do everything they can to protect themselves. If you are involved in an accident on your bike, and have violated a law or weren’t wearing a helmet, it’s even more important to contact an experienced Arizona car accident attorney.

Victims have responsibilities to undertake the measures to reasonably protect themselves. Whatever the cause, you should expect the other side’s insurance company to argue that most of the damage you suffered was your fault—regardless as to whether it is true or not. ¬†An experienced Arizona car accident attorney can help make sure you get what you’re entitled to.

If you’ve been wrongfully injured in a car-bike accident, get the medical care you need for yourself, and the legal care you need for your rights. Do not hesitate to contact an experienced Arizona car accident attorney: call the seasoned attorneys at Zachar Law Firm at (602) 494-4800 or visit www.ZacharAssociates.com.

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