Linda Fossessca

Litigation Paralegal

Linda Fossessca Shahan joined the firm as Ben Jemsek’s litigation paralegal in 2022. Linda comes to Arizona from Las Vegas, Nevada and brings with her 29 years of experience in multiple states, including Nevada, Hawaii, Oklahoma, California, and Arizona. Although Linda is an Ohio native, she spent most of her life in Las Vegas and is the proud mother of a daughter who is the managing attorney at a prestigious law firm in Vegas. Linda has spent most of her career in personal injury litigation but also has experience in corporate law. She has worked on multiple catastrophic personal injury cases and knows what it takes to have a positive impact on our clients’ lives and future.

When Linda is not in the office, she spends time with her significant other and her two German Shepherd boys, Chance & Sha. She is a stout animal protector and lover, and you can pretty much find Linda anywhere you find dogs on the weekend!   

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