Gina Catalano Smith

Senior Litigation Paralegal

Gina is a Senior Litigation Paralegal with Zachar Law Firm. She has more than 33 years of experience in the legal field. In 1988, she began her legal career as a file clerk and quickly rose through the ranks due to her hard work, tenacity, and attention to detail. Gina began working with attorney Henry Hester in 1989 and they have worked as a team for more than 33 years. Their teamwork, knowledge, and expertise makes the litigation department run effectively and has resulted in substantial recoveries for the clients. Gina devotes her time to cases involving only the firm’s most significantly injured clients. Her years of litigation experience and expertise make her incredibly valuable to our clients, staff and attorneys. In addition to her litigation duties, throughout the years Gina has been called upon to supervise and train legal support staff so they can achieve the high standards that the firm has come to expect. She enjoys working with clients from the beginning of litigation through resolution and especially assisting with our minor clients throughout the Conservatorship process. Gina finds it rewarding to help people in need and her position as the Senior Litigation Paralegal affords her that opportunity.

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