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Zachar Law Firm is a long time, extremely well-respected law firm in Phoenix, Arizona. Our professionals are ready to help you recover full and fair money damages for injuries and losses you have suffered as a result of an accident. Christopher J. Zachar, a State Bar Certified Specialist in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death law understands the pain, frustration and uncertainties people face following an injury-causing event…

With over 21 years of experience, the Phoenix Law Firm instills confidence through preparedness, accessibility and knowledge. Although most Phoenix Personal Injury claims settle out of court, we are fully prepared to take your case to a jury trial, if needed. Our methods are to vigorously pursue compensation for your personal injury or wrongful death claim, and assure not only that you understand the process the whole way through, but also, that you get the best result under all circumstances.

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If you have been injured by the negligent actions of another person, contact our offices in Phoenix, Arizona, for a free case evaluation with Christopher Zachar today. We are highly accessible and provide each client with personalized attention.

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Our Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers focus on†personal injury and wrongful death claims resulting from:

We place an emphasis on motorcycle injuries. Our Injury Attorneysoffer professional and effective representation to injured motorcyclists.

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Our consultations are free, and in most instances the fees are contingent upon obtaining recovery. To learn more information on any of our practice areas or to speak with an experienced Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer, call Zachar Law Firm at 602-494-4800, or go contact us through our contact form.

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Certified Specialist in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Law

Less than 2% of all Personal Injury Lawyers are Certified Specialists in Arizona. In order to achieve the status of a Certified Specialist, an Attorney must demonstrate a superior knowledge and ability in the area of law in addition to other very important factors. With this distinction, Chris Zachar has demonstrated excellence in his abilities while maintaining his Certified Specialist status.

The Importance of a Trial Lawyer

Personal Injury Practice Areas: After a difficult injury, a good Injury Lawyer can be a big part of getting your life back together. If youíve been seriously hurt as the result of someone elseís misconduct, your life has probably become much more complicated overnight. How will you get to work? How will you pay your bills if you canít work? What about your family? How do you deal with all the insurance forms? You know you need a good Lawyer to help you sort all this out, but how will you choose one?

Injury Lawyers are not all equally suited to handle your case, so itís crucial that you get help from one with extensive trial experience. Generally speaking, it’s possible to divide Lawyers working in the private sector into ìtrial lawyers (also called litigators) and non-trial lawyers. Trial lawyers, as the name implies, direct their efforts to digging deep and preparing a case as though it will be necessary to take it to court (indeed, this is the best way to keep it out of court—let the other side know you are serious), while non-trial lawyers spend most of their time trying to arrange things to avoid court at all costs. The problem is, if the insurance companies arenít convinced you are serious, they often wonít offer you anything close to a fair settlement for your case. Which type of lawyer is best for you?

The best Personal Injury Lawyers are trial lawyers. Personal injury cases, even if and when they settle out of court, are always handled in the context of taking the case to trial. Even though all Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers have to go to law school and pass the same bar exam, what they do in their practice defines their specialty. Trial practice was once a fairly common skill for Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers to have, but it is becoming increasingly rare as a result of increasing numbers of lawyers and decreasing numbers of trials. This means itís more important than ever to make sure that the†Injury Attorney you get help from is a litigator. A true trial lawyer.

Many cases are dropped or settled before reaching a final resolution, but of the remainder of cases that were actually resolved in Maricopa county in 2008, less than 1 percent of the civil cases were resolved with a jury trial. Less than 2 percent of the criminal cases (which are by far the minority of all cases) were resolved in a jury trial. These statistics are very average compared to other counties in†Arizona†and elsewhere, so finding an Injury Lawyer with substantial experience with personal injury trials can be difficult.

Experience counts when it comes to looking for a Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer. There is no better choice than having a Certified Specialist represent you. Any attorney can say that they do personal injury cases, but in Arizona, a lawyer cannot be a Certified Specialist without being a ìtrial lawyerî. These Specialists devote their careers to personal injury cases, and thus, have a great advantage. Conversely, lawyers who have limited trial experience (and there are many; it’s not uncommon for lawyers purporting to handle personal injury cases to never have gone to court) may not be ready or able to handle your case when the insurance company and its lawyers start to play hardball.

So how can you be sure that your Injury Lawyer In Phoenix is a trial lawyer?

The State Bar of Arizona does offer services helping to match clients with suitable Phoenix Injury Lawyers, but the best way is to ask questions, such as:

  • How many cases have YOU tried?
  • In which courts?
  • What results did YOU get?
  • How many of those cases were cases similar to mine?

An experienced trial lawyer will be happy discuss their experience. Inexperienced lawyers will usually admit their inexperience and explain what special steps they plan to take when they approach your case to make up for it. Very few Attorneys would ever try to deceive their clients about their prior experience because in addition to being highly unethical conduct, it could cost them their license to practice. This ìresume padding is dishonest and unethical.

Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer Chris Zachar has years of experience in dealing with personal injuries and specializes in getting victims fair compensation for their pain and suffering. Chris is a Certified Specialist in Injury and Death cases, a title one cannot earn without being a trial lawyer. If youíve been injured as a result of someone elseís misconduct, your road to recovery, and getting the other sideís insurance company to do what is right may be a difficult one. The best way to stand up and fight for your rights is to get someone in your corner who has the experience to win your case.

To speak with an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer who specializes in helping victims stand up for their rights, please contact Zachar Law Firm via E-mail or by phone . There is NO obligation and with your submission we are also offering a free case evaluation. Even if you are not submitting a case evaluation and just have a question, we offer real answers to your questions in a matter of a few minutes.

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