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What Are Your Options After a Defective Product Injury in Phoenix?

At Zachar Law Firm, we are experienced in defective product injury claims against manufacturers, retailers and product designers. We can examine your claim, the remains of the defective product, and the details of your injury to help you determine the merit of your case. A thorough legal analysis and product analysis must be done before proceeding with a claim or filing a lawsuit, so contact Christopher J. Zachar, our defective product injury attorney, as soon as possible. Don’t lose your right to file a defective product injury claim just because you waited too long.

If you were seriously injured by the defective design or manufacture of any product, contact Phoenix defective product lawyer, Christopher J. Zachar. We offer free case evaluations and contingent attorneys’ fees.


Determining Liability for Injury Caused by Defects

Under Arizona law, a defective product’s designer or manufacturer may be liable for defective product injury or death under three different legal theories of liability:

Negligence. A manufacturer may be liable for injury or wrongful death caused by failure to exercise ordinary care in manufacturing or designing car parts, drugs, children’s toys or other products, resulting in:

  • Defective design of the product
  • Failure to adequately test and inspect the product
  • Failure to provide adequate instructions, warnings and labels on the product
  • Failure to issue an adequate recall notice concerning the product

Strict Liability. A manufacturer may be held liable for injury or death, even without proof of negligence, for defective products that are unreasonably dangerous. Products must be safe for consumers to use in a reasonable way and for the product’s intended purpose.

Breach of Warranty. Arizona law recognizes liability for defective products that fail to meet express or implied warranties that accompany the product. These include:

  • Implied warranty of merchantability. The product must be fit for the purposes intended by the seller.
  • Implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. The product must be suitable for the buyer’s intended use, which the seller knew or could foresee.

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