Can You Sue for a Dog Bite?

April 11, 2021
Can You Sue for a Dog Bite?

The injuries you suffer as the result of a dog bite can be devastating. 

From physical to financial and emotional damages, being attacked by a dog can be a massive setback that leaves you with wounds visible and invisible. 

As tough as this is, the good news is that you may be entitled to financial compensation. 

Learn how you can file a claim for damages with the help of a personal injury lawyer

Who Can Sue for a Dog Bite in Arizona?

Dogs are man’s best friend—something that means quite little to you after you suffer injuries as the result of a dog bite

The truth is that a dog can attack anyone, anywhere. Whether you’re walking down the street or visiting a neighbor’s house, the threat of a bite from a dog with vicious tendencies is always there. 

Fortunately, there is a way to fight back: by filing a dog bite claim with the help of an experienced attorney. 

Doing so could allow you to recover compensation for the injuries, damages and other losses you may have suffered. 

In fact, laws in Arizona may favor dog bite victims in the state more so than in other places. This is because Arizona adheres to strict liability for dog bites, meaning that the owner or custodian doesn’t have to be aware of the dog’s violent tendencies in order to be held liable for your damages. 

In other states, legislatures favor a “one-bite rule” or similar guidelines that can make it harder to collect a settlement from the people responsible for your injuries. 

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Compensation Available in a Dog Bite Claim

The compensation available to you as the victim of a dog bite can vary, depending on the nature and extent of your injuries. 

For example, the size of your settlement could be bigger if you had to undergo major corrective surgery to deal with your wounds.

Medical expenses are some of the most important damages you can recover in a settlement or a lawsuit, but they aren’t the only ones. Some of the other types of damages you can recover in a dog bite case include:

If you’ve been hurt, reach out to an experienced dog bite lawyer from our firm to learn more about the types of compensation that could be available to you. 

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