Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer Chris Zachar Interview Video 1 – Solo Practitioner Of The Month

Ken of “Greater Phoenix Attorney at Law Magazine” interviews Phoenix personal injury lawyer Chris Zachar on being selected Solo Practitioner Of The Month, November 2010:

Ken: First of all Mr. Zachar, let me congratulate you on being selected as our professional profile Attorney of the Month in our Attorney At Law magazine. With thousands of attorneys in the Valley that practice in your area of law, we certainly consider it an honor to be able to profile just a couple and I am really excited to get to know you and I would just like to start with some background on maybe where you grew up and your school and why you decided to get into into the legal field initially.

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Chris Zachar: Thanks Ken, thanks for choosing me. I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa which is a small town compared to Phoenix, but is actually the 2nd largest city in Iowa. I grew up one of 6 children in a hard working midwestern value type of family, I moved to Arizona in 1985 deciding where I wanted to go with my career was really not necessarily in an Iowa small town, and I just had bigger dreams than that. As far as getting into law, I went to Arizona State University graduating in 1989 and about my junior year I was really, really struggling with where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to get into one of the professional fields, and I wanted to get into field where I could make a difference and actually help people. I had a good friend who had just finished law school, and had passed the bar and was an attorney, so I had kind of an advisor in that regard and through multiple discussions on certain days and nights and made a decision and needless to say, I have never regretted it.

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