Arizona Statute of Limitations: Why it Matters

May 13, 2021
Arizona Statute of Limitations: Why it Matters

Each and every state has laws on its book limiting the amount of time that can pass before the commencement of a civil action. In Arizona, this limit is set at two years for personal injury actions—although some exceptions to the rule could apply. 

Read on to learn why the statute of limitations is important. Also, you can contact a personal injury lawyer with Zachar Law Firm P.C. for help with your questions.  

Why Is There a Statute of Limitations?

The statute of limitations is a time limit each state has in place for filing civil lawsuits.

Some states give more time than others, and different types of actions, such as for personal injury, property damage, and medical malpractice actions can each have different time limits. 

But why do these exist? 

Basically, the statute of limitations is intended to protect the integrity of civil claims by ensuring evidence for the case is still relatively fresh. In the same manner, they also shield potential defendants from the constant threat of facing a lawsuit for actions that happened long ago. 

Possible Extensions to the Statute of Limitations

Earlier we mentioned that some exceptions to the two-year statute of limitations on personal injury could apply. Most of the time, these have to do with people who aren’t made aware of their injuries until sometime after the fact. 

This means when the date of discovery of your injuries isn’t the same as the day you suffered the injury or damages itself, the deadline to file a lawsuit could be extended. 

Some possible examples of this could include:

  • A person who develops cancer after years of exposure to a dangerous consumer product
  • A worker who suffers mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos 
  • A patient who suffers later injuries due to an unnoticed surgical error

In other cases, such as those involving minors, the deadline may also be extended beyond the general two years. 

If you’re unsure about the potential impact of the statute of limitations on your personal injury claim, you can contact an experienced attorney to review your case for free. 

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