Traumatic Brain Injuries After An Accident

What is the definition of a Traumatic Brain Injury (?TBI?)?

A TBI isn’t like any other injury to the part of the body. A blow to the head can cause minimally but constant and simply annoying problems, or the injuries can be catastrophic damage that can impact all areas of the brain.

an injury can affect all the five senses, sleep patterns, the ability to reason and personality changes. How is a Traumatic Brain Injury caused?

TBI is caused when the head suffers a trauma of any kind. It can range from a car accident, motorcycle accident, a sports injury, explosive shock and even a fall. There are many forms of  Traumatic Brain Injury. They can range from mild to extremely severe.

Difficulty in recalling things, or lapses in thoughts can be signs. With a TBI, the possibility of losing consciousness is possible, but isn’t always the outcome.

“coup-contra coup” is a consequence of when the brain is moving around the inside of the skull from a whiplash type motion. This can result in symptoms that may last for months or sometimes years.

Victims will usually experience some of the following symptoms:

– Headache



-Blurred Vision

-Light Headed-ness

-Bad taste in the mouth


-Mood changes

-Trouble with memory

-Trouble sleeping

-Struggles with thinking

-Paying attention

Medical care should always be the top priority anytime a head injury of any kind has occurred.

Traumatic Brain Injury treatment and recovery can sometimes take years, and even then permanent brain and nerve damage is always possible. It’s crucial that you have the right Arizona personal injury lawyer to represent you in a serious case such as this. These can be very complex and experience will mean everything to defend your rights.