The Step By Step Process Of A Phoenix, Arizona Personal Injury Claim

What is the process of a personal injury claim?

Do you file the claim for me? I wait? and then I get paid? I’m confused on how it all works.

There are many questions that are often asked about personal injury law, and one of the most common questions asked is what the process is of a personal injury claim. There are many pieces that are involved. Below is a break down of the process so you know what exactly each step is.

When you retain an attorney, we take a 2-prong approach to your claim

1. Property Damage. We help effectuate the repair of your vehicle, or the fair market value total loss of your vehicle.

Connected to this claim is often rental coverage during repairs or while awaiting a total loss appraisal. Some client seek loss of use compensation (a daily stipend for each day you’re without the use and enjoyment of your vehicle) as opposed to a rental car.

2. Personal Injury. This claim does not typically resolve until you are released from your accident t related care. You’re usually released in either of 2 conditions; you’re restored to your per-accident condition, or; you’re reached maximum medical improvement.

Once released from care, we gather up medical records, bills, documentation of other out of pocket expenses (lost wages, etc), and explore your pain & suffering.

We develop a value range for your case and seek your permission to submit the documents with an ?initial demand. The insurance carrier reviews the package and extends an initial offer and we begin negotiating back and forth until we get their top offer. If within our evaluation range, we recommend settling. If not, we discuss how close it is and your options (including litigation).

3. Property Damage and Injury Claims are paid from separate portions of an insurance policy, so one can resolve while the other remains open. Typically, property damage resolves before an injury claim.

These are the basics when it comes to the personal injury claim process in Phoenix, Arizona. Make sure you get all the answers to your questions at each step of the process. Your attorney should always keep you updated on what to expect and what to do next.

Experience is key when it comes to personal injury law. Having the right law firm will make all the difference in your case. If you feel you are in need of a personal injury attorney in Phoenix, Arizona, you can contact us directly at 602-494-4800, or you can always live chat with us 24/7. Get answers to your questions. Stop guessing. Get the facts.