Dealing with insurance companies after an accident

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Consulting with an experienced Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer is crucial at the outset of a personal injury case. Whether it is a slip-and-fall accident, car crash, or a dog bite among others if you do not know your legal rights nor have an understanding of how the system works, you may be closing the door to a fair recovery for your injuries. An experienced Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer can assist you with your claim and will fight to maximize the amounts you recover, regardless of whether the case goes to trial or settles outside of court.

Having an experienced Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer On Your Side

A crucial part of a personal injury claim process is dealing with the insurance company. You may have to file a claim with the other party’s insurance company or your own insurance company. In any event, the process will be the same. The result may hinge on whether you have retained legal counsel or not. But why is it important to have an experienced Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer on your side, if dealing with your own insurance company? It seems pretty straightforward. Doesn’t an experienced injury lawyer cost more?

Simple answers:

– Remember, whether with the other side’s or your own insurance company, you are still dealing with an insurance company. You think your own is anxious to pay you money, moreso than the other person’s? Hardly.

– It is a FACT: An experienced personal injury lawyer costs no more than one with no experience. Keep in mind also, that as your chances for a better recovery exist with experience, who is really ?costing you more?? The net result is the net result, and the same percentage of a higher settlement will always be higher to you.

Often, an insurance company will offer an unrepresented person a check right away after an accident. Why? You have to ask yourself why they are so anxious to do this? The answer is simple: Because they know that if you get an attorney involved, the price to settle will go up. If you blindly or impulsively accept a quick, low settlement, you may be losing more than you have gained. Insurance companies have teams of lawyers and adjusters whose job is to find the loopholes that allow the insurance company to pay you as little as possible. Thus, when you are offered a check immediately after an accident, you may be required to sign paperwork giving up any further rights, forever. Be careful.

How do you know you are getting just compensation for your injuries? If you had an experienced attorney advising you, could you have recovered more? These are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself when dealing with an insurance company after an accident. An experienced Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer understands these practices, and that a mistake on your part could cost you big in the future.

Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer and Insurance Companies

Dealing with insurance companies can be intimidating. You may not understand the process of filing your claim with them or the effect it may have on your case (e.g., are you waiving your right to sue them at a later time?). For instance, one may think that by filing a claim with your insurance company, your rates are going to go up automatically. But that is not necessarily the case. Whether your rates increase or decrease depend on a variety of factors, and the majority of those factors can be found in the policy your insurance company issued to you. Have you read it? Do you know your rights? It is important that you consult with your Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer to avoid making mistakes that could later haunt you.

It is also often a sad reality that a person may be involved in a case that seems to be a slam dunk. The facts obviously point to the other person as the sole wrongdoer and the evidence is overwhelming. But one mistake, once again, could cost you big.. Whether one person would want to take such a risk in a case where winning is practically guaranteed, with the help of an attorney, is obviously up to them and they, too, will be the bearer of such consequences. An experienced Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer can assist you in determining whether winning is simply possible as opposed to highly probable. Mistakes in signing papers you may not fully understand or mistakes in dealing with the other party—-all of these could have an outcome-determinative effect that may negatively alter your case.

Retaining an experienced, Certified Specialist and Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer is your best choice when dealing with an insurance company—even in cases that you may consider a slam dunk. Let the expert handle the legal aspect of the case, while you focus on getting better, getting back to your daily lifestyle and enjoying the compensation you deserve.

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