Fractures & Broken Bone Injuries

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Fractures mean broken bones. Whether a fractured knee, a skull fracture or a rib fracture after a car accident, it isn’t just about the immediate pain and suffering. A serious fracture can take months to heal and may end up impairing you for the remainder of your life. In addition to the pain, there will often be expensive medical bills, various rounds of surgery and physical rehabilitation that can result in permanent disability resulting in a lost job, medical expenses and a serious impact on your entire family.

Most common Types of Fractures after An Auto Accident

Fractures can be some of the most painful injuries to sustain following a car accident. In the most extreme cases, a broken bone may actually occur after an accident Because of the extreme force exerted on the bones. That being said, what are the most common fractures and breaks are sustained?

– Pelvic or Hip Fractures

– Rib Fractures

– Compression Fractures

– Broken Back

– Broken or Fractured Leg(s)

– Broken/Fractured Nose

– Fractured/broken arm(s) & hand(s)

– Skull fractures

The list above is the most common types of bone fractures after being involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, it is common for a fracture to occur in an auto accident. This is why it’s important to retain the right Phoenix broken bones Lawyer to help you with your case.

live chat with a law firmLong term effects of a broken bone due to a car accident

Many think that a broken bone will eventually heal and get back to normal. In many cases that is true, but in other cases, broken bone injuries can have long term effects. With so many complications that can stem from a fracture injury, there really is no telling what can happen. These are just some of the long term negative issues that may occur with a broken bone injury.

  • Lose use of the affected body part
  • Bone infections
  • Nerve damage
  • Ligament and or tendon damage

It’s Important Not to Handle a Serious Fracture Injury Alone.

After the initial medical treatment, additional medical care may be needed: Surgery, therapeutic modalities or physical therapy to restore your body to its original form (or as close to 100%). Joints that have been injured may be more susceptible to disabling arthritis which can lead to lifelong pain and can hinder you for years to come.

The cost of medical care for serious fractures can be much more than you might expect, which is why you need to make sure you have the right Phoenix attorney representing you.

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In most cases, no attorney’s fees unless you recover money damages

If you or a family member has suffered a fracture injury in an accident, you may be entitled to recover money damages. The only way to protect your rights and recover the full amount for damages is to present a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Zachar Law Firm has been helping victims of negligence and misconduct cases fight for their rights for over 21 years. Zachar Law Firm has the resources and experience to determine the full extent of †financial losses you are entitled to recover. Most cases settle out of court, primarily because Zachar Law Firm prepares a strong case from Day 1 of our involvement. Experienced Personal injury trial attorneyChristopher Zachar has earned a reputation for providing aggressive, effective and compassionate representation to injury victims who need to rely on a skillful personal injury attorney to protect their rights.

We are ready to help you recover full and fair money damages for fracture injuries resulting from accidents such as:

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